her royal highness

the queen of neptune

29 January 1984

brandied plum.
My name is Brandi, and this is part of my little corner of the internet. It's a little cozy and random, but it's mine. I ...
    ... write
    ... make graphics
    ... like music, movies, and books
    ... am a member of The Sovereignty

and you can ask me anything.

For a while, I had a goal to post in this journal at least once every day. My streak ran from January 29, 2008 until June 11, 2011. After that, I've seriously slacked off on posting, but I do check my friendspage at least once every few days. A lot of what I write about is random stuff, though I try to keep up a running commentary on what's going on in my life. Which, currently, is mostly work and job-hunting with a side of a social life.

This journal is mostly friends only, but I like friends. :) Although I'm generally really bad at commenting on my friends' journals, I do read their entries and try to comment when I can.

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