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Working tonight. Traded in a Nutcracker I was just going to usher for working Sister's Christmas Catechism (which is hilarious!) in the small theatre. I haven't worked the small theatre before, so I'm a bit nervous. :/ Hopefully someone else will take over for my mom for the Nutcracker (she's sick and was supposed to be working tonight) so that at least there'll be another House Manager downstairs so I'm not completely alone and/or double-duty-ing it (managing not only my show and my ushers, but also the downstairs ticket-takers for Nutcracker).


Anyway! In other news, and the reason this post isn't locked:

If you're a fan of the show Criminal Minds, you should come join crimeland! It's lots of fun with tons of fun games to win points for your team. Our second case is just starting, so mosey on over and join! :D (And let them know I sent ya! ;D)

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